Good morning TCPAWorld

Well it’s Day 1 PF (post-Facebook).

Here is where we are:

  • While I have my doubts that any Congressional “fix” will take place in the short term–the effectiveness of carrier-blocking technology has really blunted American rage at robocalls, even as it has stifled lawful speech at times–I have urged LeadsCouncil to push for self-regulation among industry participants to avoid future legislation/regulation.



  • Meanwhile P2P vendors are now terrified that their products have gone from essential to obsolete in the wake of Facebook. Given the ruling’s dangling threads of “capacity” and footnote 7 arguments, I suspect P2P vendors will have an important place in the market for a long time to come.
  • Relatedly, all eyes are currently on the FCC, which is now expected to issue a ruling on its long-awaited TCPA Public Notice proceeding in short(ish) order. While the ruling will undoubtedly track Facebook on ATDS issues it will be critical to see how the new-look Commission (currently headed by Commissioner Rosenworcel as Acting Chairwoman) addresses “capacity” and foonote 7, if at all.
  • Perhaps even more importantly, I’ve invited everyone’s favorite–the Kingmaker–to join the big webinar today. Also excited to have Manatt’s Christine Riely joining us along with Amy Brown Doolittle– the Grand Duchess and the flat-out best litigator I know–on the big show today.
  • Speaking of today’s show, I’m hearing its all booked up (no surprise)–sorry if you missed the chance to register–although its worth trying I guess. For those of you that got past the velvet rope feel free to send me some pre-game questions. I’ve collected a few REALLY good ones already.
  • Finally, yesterday was the biggest day in’s history with massive record-breaking traffic. We’re up to over 138,000 unique visitors to the site-which is just flat incredible.

I’ll keep you updated as things develop.

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