Yesterday, the Commissioner of Nevada's Department of Business and Indusry, Financial Institutions Division issued a letter that allows collection agnecies to re-open. This comes as an unexpected turn of events, considering that just last week, Nevada's governor issued a declaration that, by implication, extended the outbound collection ban to June 30. The declaration stated that any directive not explicitly mentioned in the document is extended, and the document was silent on outbound collections.

The Commissioner's letter states:

NFID would like to advise collection agency licensees that they may operate their business while following all remaining Emergency Directives issued by Governor Sisolak, any guidance issued by any state agency, any Justice Court Orders for each jurisdiction, and comply with all applicable state and federal laws. As well as, following all health and safety guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Nevada.

The governor's declaration from last week contains guidance on safely reopening businesses at this time. A screenclip of the guidance is below.

2020-05-28 Nevada screen clip reopening guidance




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