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Maintaining Your Integrity through Healthcare Data Integrity

15 May 2013

Head-Scratching Time: AMA Says Waiting for ICD-11 a Bad Idea

14 May 2013

Mapping ICD-9 to ICD-10 'Convoluted,' Experts Say

13 May 2013

Fear of Violating HIPAA Puts Gun Laws, Sharing of Patient Data, at Risk

6 May 2013

Texas Congressman Files Bill to Halt ICD-10 Conversion

26 April 2013

Don’t Let Your Billing System Conversion Break Your Revenue Cycle (Part 2)

24 April 2013

Electronic Health Record Program Has Wasted Billions, Senators Say

23 April 2013

Don’t Let Your Billing System Conversion Break Your Revenue Cycle

22 April 2013

Research Finds ICD-10 Projects Lagging: How Far Along Should You Be?

15 April 2013

Inspector General Seeks Changes to Anti-Kickback Rules for Electronic Health Records

10 April 2013

insidePatientFinance on Forbes: When It's Employees vs. Business, Is There Really a Winner?

10 April 2013

Medical Denials Management for a New Age

3 April 2013

Healthcare Daily Digest for Tuesday, 2 April: The Future of Healthcare Seems Short on Doctors

2 April 2013

Healthcare Reform Makes Private Insurers Act Like Medicare, Medicaid

2 April 2013

New HIPAA Regulations Take Effect Today--Are You Compliant?

26 March 2013

FTC Returns More than $1.1 million to Victims of Bogus Health Insurance Scam

21 March 2013

Free Webinar from Ontario Systems Details Why Perfect Medical Bills Are Not Paid Perfectly

21 March 2013

Case Study: Hospital Doubled Patient Finance Services Staff to Support Insurance Exchange

21 March 2013

How Pay-For-Service's High Cost is Stifling Healthcare Innovation

20 March 2013

Accretive Health Attains HITRUST Certification for Data Security & Protection of Private PHI

18 March 2013