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Prelminiary Approval Sought for $2.2M Settlement in FCRA Case Regarding Pulling Credit Reports to Collect on Parking Tickets

11 February 2019

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Nixes Bill Connected to His Former Business Life in Debt Collection

9 August 2016

Debt Buyer PRA Group Acquires Payment Portal eGov Systems

11 July 2016

Dept. of Justice Issues Resources Related to Local Fines and Fees; Debt Collectors Should Review

15 March 2016

Texas Law Firm to Pay $3.4 million - Settling Class Action Matter Alleging Unauthorized Practice of Law in California

14 January 2016

Fall 2015 Research Fellowship Program Focusing on the Government Sector

28 September 2015

Executive Change: Ashley Hancock Joins RDS Local Government Team

23 April 2015

Executive Change: Net Gain Marketing Hires New IT Tech Guru

16 April 2015

Free Teleseminar: Top 10 Myths about Government & Student Loan RFPs

7 April 2015

CFPB Announces Enforcement Action Against Bad Check Debt Collection Agency

31 March 2015 Celebrates Freedom of Information Day with Free Promo

16 March 2015

NGM to Offer Staffing Agency Model for Outsourced RFP Writing

11 March 2015

Navient Acquires Government Collection Firm Gila/Municipal Services Bureau

2 March 2015

Executive Change: J. A. Cline Joins Broussard Partners & Associates PRA Government Services Team

2 February 2015

ACLU Sues Georgia County and Collection Agency Over Debt Collection Practices

30 January 2015

Government Collection Professionals Invited to Tampa, Florida

14 January 2015

American Bar Association Condemns Debt Collector/DA Relationships and Letter Practices

12 November 2014

Executive Change: Jeremy Katz Joins PRA Government Services Team

4 September 2014

Study Shows Collection Agencies Recovering More Debt at Lower Pay with Fewer Collectors

5 August 2014

More than 35 Percent of American Adults are Currently in Collections: Report

29 July 2014