Governments of all sizes and locations are owed money. In the U.S. federal government, citizens and businesses typically owe taxes, fines and fees. Consumers can also owe on federally-backed student loans, while businesses can owe on development loans. Several branches of the U.S. government have robust ARM operations, including the IRS and the Department of Education. On the state and local level, debts to the government can be too many to enumerate. From court fines and fees to sales tax to late parking tickets. An overwhelming majority of U.S. states, and thousands of municipal governments, have used private debt collectors to help recover their debts.

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IRS Awards New Contracts to Private Collection Agencies

6 October 2021

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An Honest Discussion on the Impact of Cancelling Student Loan Debt

28 January 2021

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CFPB Study of Consumer Finances Following Early Pandemic is Positive. Will Coming Months Paint a Different Story?

1 September 2020

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About This Year's 8 Big TCPA Stories

21 July 2020

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Constitutional Law and Third-Party Collections: Assessing the Supreme Court’s New Ruling on Federal Debt

13 July 2020

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U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Government Debt Exemption of TCPA

6 July 2020

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New York Temporarily Halts Collection on Medical, Student Debt Owed to the State

18 March 2020

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Whitepaper on Debt Collection Released by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors

13 February 2020

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Lively Debt Collection Debate Likely in House Fin. Servs. Committee Hearing Tomorrow

25 September 2019

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Freshly Signed Taxpayer First Act of 2019 Affects Private Debt Collectors

2 July 2019

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TCPA’s Content-Specific Government-Backed Debt Exemption Struck Down on First Amendment Grounds

25 April 2019

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IRS PDC Program Continues to Succeed, Collected $130.6 million Through December 2018

14 March 2019

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Congress Considering HANGUP Act One Last Time

5 March 2019

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Federal Law Preempts DC Licensing Requirements for Certain Types of Federal Student Loans, According to District of DC

6 December 2018

IRS PDC Program Quarterly Report Shows Increase in Overall Net Gain

31 October 2018

Report on IRS Private Debt Collection Program Gives Good Reviews to Agencies, Criticized IRS Management of Program

12 September 2018

IRS Private Debt Collection Program Pays Off

27 August 2018

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Mystery Solved!: So That’s What Happened to the FCC’s Order Implementing the BBA Amendment to the TCPA Exempting Collectors of Government-Backed Debt

12 June 2018

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Ontario Systems Acquires Justice Systems, Provider Of Court Case Management Software

3 May 2018

Cincinnati Adopts CSS IMPACT! Financial Cloud

13 February 2018