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Photo of the White House [Image by creator Vacclav from AdobeStock]

White House Issues Executive Order on Collection of Defaulted Federal Student Loans

27 March 2019

 [Image by creator javier brosch from AdobeStock]

iA Video Series: Ironing Out the Irony of ED's NextGen Strategy

27 March 2019

Photo of short boxer preparing to hit a very tall boxer who seems unconcerned [Image by creator olly from AdobeStock]

ED Submits Administrative Record to Judge Wheeler; re-Pits Smalls Against Bigs

25 March 2019

Playing cards stacked on each other forming a pyramid [Image by creator zharate from AdobeStock]

Why ED’s NextGen Debt Collection Servicing Plan May Be a House of Cards

15 March 2019

Toddler looking confused [Image by creator Chris Mautz from AdobeStock]

Transcript of Teleconference in Dept. of ED NextGen Case Reveals Maddening Exchange

11 March 2019

 [Image by creator didesign from AdobeStock]

Chapter 6 Begins in ED Default Collection Saga; PCAs Files Pre-Award Complaint

6 March 2019

Men in suits shaking hands. [Image by creator beeboys from AdobeStock]

Bi-Partisan Bill Re-Introduced to Prevent States from Negatively Impacting Professional Licensing For Delinquent Student Loans

5 March 2019

 [Image by creator didesign from AdobeStock]

The Last Month in the Land of NextGen and Student Loan Servicing

19 February 2019

Photo of road winding through desert terrain with snow capped mountains in the background. A yellow road sign that displays an arrow that curves left. [Image by creator wakr10 from AdobeStock]

ED Releases New NextGen Solicitation; The Road for PCAs Remains Unclear

16 January 2019

The letters FSA sitting on top of a stack of books, next to a piggy bank wearing glasses [Image by creator Tierney from AdobeStock]

ED Cancels Latest Phase of NextGen Procurement; Expert Reaction with Randy Kamm

10 January 2019

Arms of 5 business people holding up different colored large "quote" marks [Image by creator Sergey Nivens from AdobeStock]

Court Speaks for Private Debt Collectors in NextGen Protest Hearing

11 December 2018

3 people holding up blank signs [Image by creator photka from AdobeStock]

Chapter 5 Continues: More Protests Filed Against ED's Handling of NextGen RFP

14 November 2018

 [Image by creator didesign from AdobeStock]

Chapter 5 Officially Begins in Department of ED Private Debt Collection Saga

11 October 2018

Large acrylic letters that spell "Next" mounted on a purple wall [Image by creator Chris Titze Imaging from AdobeStock]

ED Moves NextGen Procurement to Phase II; Changes Rules of the Game

3 October 2018

A man in a suit standing on a ladder with binoculars looking over the top of a city under a sunny sky with wispy clouds [Image by creator Kurhan from AdobeStock]

Department of Education Requests Clarification on Court’s Permanent Injunction

1 October 2018

A person peeking through a window shade with sun shining through [Image by creator Photocreo Bednarek from AdobeStock]

What's Going On Behind the Scenes Since Court Ruled Against ED?

26 September 2018

3 white animated figures, two wearing only ties and boxing gloves. Figure in the middle wearing a bow tie and holding up one hand as the winner. [Image by creator Texelart from AdobeStock]

Judge Rules in Favor of PCAs; ED Permanently Enjoined from Cancelling Debt Collection Solicitation

17 September 2018

Image of a brick wall with an open section that says "government contract" against a black background [Image by creator underverse from AdobeStock]

Dept. of ED: Why Proceed With a Procurement for Services that are Going the Way of the Dodo?

13 September 2018

Image of8 stick people sitting at two long tables facing each other, one side wearing blue, one side wearing red [Image by creator maimu from AdobeStock]

Oral Arguments Scheduled in Dept. of ED Debt Collection Contract Protest

3 August 2018

Image of a brick wall with an open section that says "government contract" against a black background [Image by creator underverse from AdobeStock]

ED Collection Contractors May Have Finally Hit a Brick Wall

19 July 2018