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Media, Legislatures Take Aim at Healthcare Providers

30 April 2014

Managing Patients Who Are Uninsured-by-Choice

25 April 2014

CMS Mum on ICD-10 Postponement

21 April 2014

Healthcare Spending Jumps, Can Providers Expect a Boom?

17 April 2014

RACs Rake in More than $2 Billion from Healthcare Providers

14 April 2014

CMS Continues to Tinker with 'Two-Midnight' Rule

10 April 2014

The Future of Bad Debt: The American Worker with Employer Health Insurance

7 April 2014

It's the Law: President Signs Quick Fix to SGR

3 April 2014

Congress Postpones ICD-10 to October 2015

1 April 2014

Feds Delay Everything--Why Not ICD-10?

28 March 2014

Growing Bad Debt is Not the Disease, but the Symptom--Part 2

26 March 2014

President Obama Budget: No Cause for Alarm--Yet

25 March 2014

Medicare Shifts Costs onto Beneficiaries, Cuts Hospital Margins

20 March 2014

Compromise Collapses on Doc-Fix; Expect Healthcare Providers to Again Foot the Bill

18 March 2014

Four Medicare Trends That Bode Ill for Healthcare Providers

11 March 2014

CMS Announces Halt to RAC Activities, Prepares for New Contracts

27 February 2014

CMS Agrees to Expand ICD-10 Testing

25 February 2014

The Two Pillars of Partner Compliance: Transparency and Information Security

24 February 2014

Will Moratorium on RAC Reviews of Two-Midnight Rule Offset Medicare Appeals Backlog?

19 February 2014

Congressional Leadership Reach Accord to End Doc Fix

7 February 2014