Commercial debt collection is the practice of targeting businesses for debt repayment as opposed to consumers. While consumer debt collection is much more prominent on a volume basis, the large balances often associated with commercial receivables has fostered a robust sector in the ARM industry.

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NYC Introduces COVID-19 Relief Package: Tenants Get Relief from Evictions and Paying Late Rent

29 April 2020

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insideARM’s Exclusive Interview with Arthur Hernandez, Vice President of Product Development at Billtrust

4 February 2020

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Commercial Collections: The Relationship Between Credit/Collections and Sales

16 December 2019

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Kaulkin Ginsberg and Commercial Collection Agencies of America Released its Member Benchmark Operating Metrics Survey Report

26 November 2019

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Commercial Collection Agencies of America's Annual Meeting 2019

21 November 2019

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Commercial Collections: How do you prepare for the final quarter of 2019?

26 September 2019

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Commercial Collections: Is the Customer Always Right? How to Handle Invoice Disputes

5 September 2019

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Commercial Collections: When to Cut the Bait and Turn the Customer Over to a Third Party Agency

19 August 2019

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Commercial Collections Strategy with Tactical Intent

22 July 2019

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Four Ways to Prepare and Take Action to Avoid the Summer Dip in Cash and Collections [Commercial Collections]

27 June 2019

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Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back

17 April 2019

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iA Launches Commercial Credit & Collections Strategy Workshop to Save Millions in Credit Losses

10 April 2019

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insideARM Hires Expert to Launch Commercial Credit and Collections Vertical

25 March 2019

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ABC-Amega CEO Reappointed to U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Finance Advisory Council

18 March 2019

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IACC Member Survey Reveals Chief Concerns for 2018

4 January 2018

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BARR Credit Services Announces the Acquisition of Credit Decisions International, Ltd.

11 September 2017

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Rosen and Lunn Named to Independent Standards Board

6 September 2017

Commercial Collection Agencies of America Releases Account Placement Report

19 April 2017

IACC: 2017 Could Bring Some Change With New Administration

12 January 2017

Altus Welcomes B2B Credit Chex, Inc. as its Newest Affiliate

9 November 2016