Six months in to one of the worst pandemics/shut-downs any of us has ever lived through, and is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Or is that just an oncoming train? What an exciting time to be alive!

Here's a rundown of state actions that may effect your business:

New York & New Jersey: If you have offices/employees in those states, know that their governors have added Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, Rhode Island and Wyoming to the list of states where people need to quarantine for 14-days if they've visited there.

How this might effect you: If you have clients in those states, and you were thinking about sending people out there (sales people, auditors, etc.), you might think about not doing that, or know that when your employee returns to New York or New Jersey, they'll need to quarantine for 14-days before they can be out and about.

California: Sick leave benefits have been extended from six to eight weeks.

How this might effect you: If you're a California employer, it would be a good time to talk with an employment attorney to make sure your crossing the t's and dotting the i's on paid leave.

Illinois: A state moratorium on shutting off state-regulated utilities that was due to expire at the end of Septemer 2020 is now extended through the end of October 2020.

How this might effect you: If you're collecting on utilities in Illinois and were set to hit "go" on October 1, don't.

New York: The governor has signed an executive order extending NY's moratorium on evictions and foreclosures to October 20.

How this might effect you: Similar to above, if you collect on evictions and you collect on evictions in New York and thought you were good to go, you aren't. 

As more information comes in, we'll publish additional content.

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