MILWAUKEE, WI. -- Professional Placement Services, L.L.C., a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) has announced the company is seeking to establish HUBZone/WOSB subcontracts on the U.S. Department of Education's (ED) Next Generation Servicing Environment contract.  Ms. Irina Johnson, President of the company says, "We're very excited to offer our HUBZone and WOSB small business status to help companies submitting NextGen bids. "By including PPS and our socioeconomic status", says Irina, "bidders will receive ‘highly rated’ evaluation scores on their Small Business Participation Plan (SBPP), a major RFP evaluation factor."

ED's RFP requires prime contractors to award up to thirty percent (30%) of contract value to HUBZone subcontractors by the third year of the contract.

"Professional Placement Services is perfectly positioned to help prime contractors meet NextGen’s bold vision for a ‘world class’ servicing solution," said Craig Johnson, founder and principal of the company.  "For more than 20-years, we've met our clients’ complex operational requirements and uncompromising customer service standards," stated Craig. "As one of just a few HUBZone collection firms in the nation, we're excited to offer our services and capabilities to ED contractors."

PPS supports the asset management and debt collection needs of the nation’s largest and most demanding consumer lending and student loan organizations, including a top Department of Education servicer and more than 100 other financial services organizations. PPS earns its clients’ trust and confidence through excellent customer service, superior compliance and responsive third-party BPO services: 

  • 21 years’ of highly relevant past performance on demanding contracts of similar size, scope and complexity.
  • Top-rated competitive performance, few validated and/or CFPB complaints, and superior audit results that align with ED’s Contractor Performance Monitoring & Evaluation (CPME) scorecard.
  • ‘Hands-on’ executive management focused on achieving NextGen’s vital public policy goals.
  • Capacity to provide a well-trained and engaged workforce of up to 100+ agents to meet ED's current and future volume requirements.
  • Enhanced servicing and special handling features that meet ED’s Performance Work Statement (PWS) requirements.
  • Fully licensed and registered to perform third-party debt collection services on a nationwide basis.

For additional information about Professional Placement Services contact Craig Johnson at or 414.220.4101 for more information.

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